Video Atlas

Taking inspiration from the visionary neurosurgeon Albert L. Rhoton Jr., whose body of work has become a pillar of neurosurgical education (, and my love of art, graphic design, and movies, the goal of this site is to combine high quality 3D modeling of neuroanatomical structures with state-of-the-art animation techniques to explore our complex anatomy in original ways.  This project is a work in progress and my sincere hope is that the quality will continue to improve over time.

In my first published video, I have started with two of my favorite images of the sphenoid bone from the Rhoton Collection and “linked” them using 3-D modeling as an introduction to the sphenoid bone.

View also: 3D Model of Cavernous Sinus
In my second video, I have begun an exploration of the foramina of the sphenoid bone.
In my third video, I have illustrated the relationships of the greater wing and body of the sphenoid.  Next up, the lesser wing, anterior clinoid, and optic strut.
In this video, the relationships of the anterior clinoid and optic strut are explored, and I begin to build the cavernous sinus.
…and finally the rest of the cavernous sinus.

View also: 3D Model of Cavernous Sinus

360 Anatomy

Here is my first 360 anatomy video.  With the Google Cardboard App, it can be viewed on a mobile device in stereoscopic 3D!
Neurosurgery teaching video 1 (Superior View)
Neurosurgery teaching video 2 (Lateral View)